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About GulfCap



About GulfCap & Portfolio Companies

Who is GulfCap Real Estate and what do they do?

Which projects is GulfCap Real Estate undertaking and where are they located?

What other services does GulfCap Real Estate offer?

We offer clients a comprehensive suite of services for single project developments and large mixed-use property developments. Our services include, but not limited to the end-to-end real estate development, master planning and design, development management, project management, fundraising and project finance, facilities management, property management, letting and sales.

How different are you from other developers ?

Do you have other projects in Nairobi?

Is this your first project in Real Estate Development ?

Project FAQs

What is affordable housing?

Is affordable housing of lower quality than market-rate housing?

What is a master planned development concept?

What does Starehe Point Project entail and what amenities are included?

Where is Starehe Point located?

Is Starehe Point present on other digital platforms?

What is the best way to contact you?

How do I plan for site viewing and is it charged?

What are the benchmarks near your development ?

What do the finished units look like ?

How many car parks do you provide per unit ?

How long does it take to finalise the purchase process ?

Has the construction started ?

How many units are there for the entire project ?

Financial FAQs

What is the unit buying process?

How much do I need for a down payment?

Which financial institutions are in partnership with GulfCap Real Estate?


Can I easily access my payment history?

Do you have flexible payment plans that are long term?

How do I finance the purchase of a property?

Do you allow payments via Mpesa?

Legal FAQs

Can I handle the legal documentation myself?

Do I need a lawyer when buying a home?

What is a sale purchase agreement?

What ownership document do you issue after completing payments ?

What are the penalties if I default in my payments ?

Is Starehe Point present on other digital platforms?

What is the process followed when cancellation of purchase ?